San Gregorio Hotel & Spa

Is a place of retreat and personal care, where the techniques of hydrotherapy, massages and healthy gastronomy, we achieve an authentically relaxing atmosphere that invites to rediscover the inner peace that has been relegated with the daily stress. We are the ideal place to get rid of the daily pressures in a quiet and natural environment, we offer body treatments and beauty salon. Hours of Operation: Closed Mondays. Tuesday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Children under 18 years old are not allowed.

Relaxing Massage

The relaxing massage acts on the points of tension due to maneuvers in the so-called “knots” that are mainly located in the back, spine and jaw. This type of massage improves circulation in your cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, helps you to relax, gives you the sensation of well-being and it can also relieve or make the muscular tension disappear.
Price per person: Q.199.00 (50 minutes)/ Q.170.00 ( 30 minutes).

Hot Stones Massage:

Es una combinación del masaje relajante tradicional con la aplicación sobre la piel de piedras a temperatura, para facilitar que fluya la energía vital y aliviar así trastornos físicos y emocionales.
Price per person: Q260.00 (50 minutes).

Swedish Massage

It begins by relaxing the body, by friction, to cause it to warm up. Then the limbs are maneuver to the heart to make the blood flow and renewed. Completing with light taps that tone and relax the body.
Price per person: Q260.00 (50 minutes).

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology Massage is the practice of stimulating points on the hands and feet (the so-called areas of reflection). It has beneficial effects on organs located elsewhere on the body, the corresponding pressure made in concrete and specific points relieves a variety of ailments.
Price per person Q.190.00 (50 minutes)

Lymphatic Massage:

This massage activates the lymphatic channel better known as the drainage channel. It allows the fluids to be evacuated from the body using a very gentle maneuver that drain or move the fluids to allow the normal evacuation into the venous torrent. Recommended for people who suffers from water retention.
Price per person Q.190.00 (50 minutes)

Sport Massage

The Sport Massage helps to achieve the optimal fit, it prevents and avoid injuries and accelerate rehabilitation of tired muscles. It consists of a series of massages and maneuvers aimed to recover the muscle tissues. .
Price per person Q.195.00 (50 minutes)

Re-affirm Massage:

The Re-affirm Massage is an energetic massage in areas that requires treatment. It manages to reaffirm the skin, reduce the fat of specific areas and the smooth appearance of the skin. Recommended for women who have recently given birth, people who have lost a lot of weight or lost many sizes and the ones who easily gain and lose weight.
Price per person Q.199.00 (50 minutes)

Relaxing Mom

Dedicated to relaxing tense muscles, relieving painful spots, improving circulation and acquiring feeling good. It is designed for the needs of future moms whose bodies change constantly. (Moms after 1st trimester)



This facial is a treatment for skin with sensitivity, reactive and cuperosis problems. Ingredients like marigold, camomile and arnica are used which are soothing and relaxing soothing. So that your skin relaxes and feel again a total freshness and hydration.
Price per person Q440.00


This facial is an intense moisturizing treatment suitable for dehydrated, alipic skin. Super moisturizing treatment, which uses extracts of plants such as: chamomile, rose, which give the skin a feeling of freshness.
Price per person Q515.00


This facial eliminates impurities, dead cells, comedones. They use plant extracts like: saponaria that cleans thoroughly the skin, citrus extracts to control fat and chamomile to calm.
Price per person Q515.00