San Gregorio Hotel & Spa

San Gregorio SPA is a place of retreat and personal care. Spacious, well designed installations include hydrotherapy, whirlpool, dry and steam saunas with dipping basins, and a swimming pool with adjoining rest areas. The SPA offers a line of personal care services, such as several types of massages, body treatments, facials, manicure and pedicure performed by our professional staff. Children less than eighteen years old are not admitted to the Spa installations (no exceptions).

Relaxing Massage

The relaxing massage acts on the points of tension due to maneuvers in the so-called “knots” that are mainly located in the back, spine and jaw. This type of massage improves circulation in the cardiovascular and lymphatic system, helps to relax, provides a sensation of well-being. It can also relieve or make the muscular tension disappear. 
Price per person: Q.199.00 (50 minutes)/ Q.170.00 ( 30 minutes).

Hot Stones Massage:

The hot stone massage combines the traditional Relaxing Massage with the application of Hot (warm) Stones on the skin to stimulate the flow of vital energy that helps eliminate physical and emotional tensions.
Price per person: Q260.00 (50 minutes).

Swedish Massage

The technique of friction of the limbs causes the body to warm up. Then the limbs are maneuvered to stimulate the blood flow to the heart by completing the treatment with light taps that tone and relax the body.
Price per person: Q260.00 (50 minutes).

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology Massage A massage to stimulate certain points of hands and feet (reflexology points). This stimulation benefits organs which are located in other parts of the body by applying pressure on the reflexology points on hand and feet and thereby eliminating pain in the affected parts of the body).
Price per person Q.190.00 (50 minutes)

Lymphatic Massage:

This type of massage, by applying soft pressure on the area of the lymphatic glands, stimulates the lymphatic system and as a result, the lymph drainage, which benefits the immune system. This massage is recommended for persons with excessive water retention in their bodies.
Price per person Q.190.00 (50 minutes)

Sport Massage

The Sport Massage helps to achieve and maintain the optimal fitness, it helps to prevent and avoid injuries and accelerates rehabilitation of tired muscles. It consists of a series of massages and maneuvers aimed to maintain or recover muscle tissues.
Price per person Q.195.00 (50 minutes)

Re-affirm Massage:

The Reaffirm Massage is an energetic massage in areas of the body that require treatment. It manages to reaffirm the skin, reduces the fat of specific areas and promotes the smooth appearance of the skin. Recommended for women who have recently given birth, people who have lost a lot of weight or lost several sizes and the ones who easily gain and lose weight.
Price per person Q.199.00 (50 minutes)

Relaxing Mom

Recommended to relax tense muscles, relieve painful spots, improve circulation and to acquire good feeling during and post pregnancy. It is designed for the needs of future moms whose bodies change during and after pregnancy. (Moms after 1st trimester)



Its main assets: micronized seaweed and essence of roses, this easy-release hard mask helps eliminate the problems of sensitive skin, redness and irritation.


Facial that brings shine and luminosity to all skin types, based on lyophilized seaweed, vitamin C and seaweed gelatin.


This mask allows deep cleaning of the pores of the skin, controlling the production of fat and counteract irritations produced by skin that starts with pimples and pimples problems.

High Impact Mask

Visibly improves the appearance of the skin maximizing hydration. This refreshing mask combines the moisturizing benefits of seaweed and revitalizing propolis; what makes it rich in antibiotics and vitamin A, leaving the skin radiant and with visible results.


Provides cleaning and hydration rejuvenating the skin and illuminating the skin with immediate and cumulative results (Generates a small microdermoration so it is not recommended in sensitive skin).

Our treatments are performed by expert staff members under guidance and supervision of consultants in cosmetology. (Ongoing quality control).
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