Gift certificate

The procedure for the purchase
OF GIFT CERTIFICATES is the following:

1- You choose the (or the) services that you wish to give as restaurant, spa, lodging services or for the determined amount that you want to give.

The updated prices and details of all our services are available on this site by selecting the area of ​​your interest.

2- Make the corresponding payment

You can do it through a bank deposit in Banco Industrial in the account of monetary deposits No. 006-008449-1 in the name of Servicios Turisticos Valle, S.A.

You can also by means of bank deposit in BAC-Credomatic in the account of monetary deposits No. 90-057262-9 in the name of Servicios Turisticos Valle, S.A.

If you want to make your payment electronically, we provide you with 3 forms.

- By means of the VISA VPT APPLICATION available for mobile devices, by scanning the following QR CODE If you do not have the VPT application look for the instructions by clicking on the following icon

- Using the SERVIPAGOS system of Banco Industrial, looking for San Gregorio Hotel & Spa within the HOTELES section of the main directory or directly by the name of the store.

- Making your credit card purchase using the card provider giftcard page

3- By having the confirmation of payment your electronic certificate will be sent via email.

The certificate will be sent in a period of 24 to 48 hours.

IMPORTANT: If you require the certificate for a specific day, we would appreciate making your request with enough time in advance (contemplating the shipping time of 2 days), because the payments have a process of operation and verification by the institutions financial

For San Gregorio Hotel & Spa it is impossible to verify and send the certificate immediately, until you have the bank confirmation.

If you require the gift cards physically you can pick them up directly at the hotel reception or cover the shipping cost that is Q50 regardless of the amount of units required (within the perimeter of Guatemala City)

4- The certificate will be valid for 3 months after the date of issue.